#TranscendYourself 2017 in Malaysia!

TranscendYourself: to oudo or exceed in excellence, elevation, extent, degree; surpass; excel. 

The Performance Series (TPS) is now bringing #TranscendYourself spirit to Malaysia! We believe all runners have a #TranscendYourself story and we also believe people don’t become good runners overnight. It is always a process that requires motivation, determination and strong spirit. Only through the consistent training and commitment, can we transcend into a better, faster and stronger runner.

If you are not a runner (yet) or if you want to become a better runner… Don’t worry, we will guide you along in a Malaysia race series throughout 2017! Here are 3 transformations you will go through when you are running with TPS! 

#TranscendYourself 1: You will LOOK better!

Have you ever heard people putting on weight through running or walking? Never. There is an iron fact that you can get many health benefits from running. Having a slim and toned body, better stamina, weight loss; these goals can be achieved when you start running consistently throughout 2017. More than just a change on your physical look, you will be thankful that running also gives you a stronger heart, legs and muscles and you are capable to take up any challenge.

#TranscendYourself 2: You will FEEL better!

Do you know that running reduces stress and releases the “happy hormones” – endorphines? Endorphins are painkillers produced in response to physical discomfort. So you need to push yourself – hard, but not too hard, in order to trigger this happy hormones. And now you know it is not so true that runners only complain about pain and fatigue, in fact, they enjoy that feeling! If this still does not convince you to start running, there is one more thing you should know:  After a nice long run, some runners experience what’s known as a “runner’s high”, a feeling of euphoria coupled with reduced anxiety and a lessened ability to feel pain. Only the runner knows.

And soon you will also discover how running change your lifestyle and your social life. You may eat less fatty food that makes you feel guilty, you may spend more quality time by running with family and friends and you may feel proud of yourself by looking at all the medals you achieved. Can’t believe this? Read how running change our TPS 2016 past participants.

@valenciasim said:

#TranscendYourself 3: You will THINK better!

We all want to be more focused in this new year and the most efficient way to achieve that is start running. Running promotes growth of new brain cells so you can expect to have better memory and cognitive thinking eventually. No wonder most successful people like Starwood Hotels CEO Frits van Paasschen runs for an hour every morning starting at 5:30 then start their day off productively. A pre-breakfast run helps reduce stress later in the day, counteracts the effects of high-fat diet and improves your sleep.

“Running is the cheapest medicine in the world, yet it also requires effort and commitment.”

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