Kuching – A Run Paradise You Should Not Miss!

The second stop of The Performance Series – Malaysia 2017 comes to Kuching, the capital of Sarawak on the island of Borneo! The city is a fine choice for an enriching runcation that’s as packed with physical activities as it is leisure. Here are some reasons why you should not miss this unique race, The Performance Series @ Kuching!

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Run Through Heritage

Feeling bored of running on Expressway and seeing nothing, but just counting your thoughts? Then you should try running with us in Kuching! Be rest assured that running here in Kuching, you will be amazed by this sophisticated city! The course will bring you through heritage attraction such as museums, cathedral and temples. Some very modern and some with a colonial vibe.

Market Recovery Walk

Before or after the run, you can find some interesting markets in Kuching to walk around.  Don’t miss the absolutely massive Sunday Market which is a great experience for shoppers, vendors, and of course for runners. It is re-located to Taman Foong Joon. The Sunday Market is famous of the fresh food of every description. Be sure to try some local snacks Apam Balik, a pancake with nuts and margarine, that is very filling, delicious and cheap! Don’t forget to look out Sarawak’s signature, red kolo mee which is the noodles with pork and a sweet barbecue sauce. If you are looking for other local markets that is more conveniently located and open daily, try look out the west end of Jalan India.

If you earn a TPS Kuching medal as a souvenir and still want more, take a stroll at Main Bazaar which is located at the row of old shophouses facing the Waterfront Promenade. You can find chock-full of handicrafts shops, art galleries and even the stores that selling cute cat souvenirs. There are also many handmade items that worth seeing, including hand-woven textiles and baskets, masks, drums, brass gongs and more. Make a trip down to Kuching – “Run and Feel the City”!

Cafe Hopping Running

What is a better way than having a refreshing tea/coffee after a morning run? Check out the famous cafes in Kuching, such as Black Bean Coffee & Tea Company, James Brooke Bistro & Cafe, Kok Boon Cafe, Aroma Cafe and Chong Choon Cafe. Take a sip of your favorite drinks and enjoy a relaxing day in Kuching!

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