Only For TPS Bundle Holder – The Brass Series Finisher Medal!

TPS 2017 Bundle Registration Ends On 31 March 2017, 23:59!

We do appreciate our bundle holder’s support and commitment, so in return, all bundle holders will receive the exclusive TPS 2017 Medal Hanger for free, and more than that, they will also get a Brass Series Finisher Medal! Yes, this is our reward for you to complete the whole series! Regardless you are aiming The Performance Series 2017 – Singapore or The Performance Series 2017 – Malaysia or both, read on to find out what is this special Brass Series Finisher Medal about.

If you sign up each TPS race individually…

At the end of the year, you will still be able to complete 3 races and earn 3 finisher medals with your sweat and determination. In that case, you can connect your medal this way:

Why not make your effort looks even more special by signing up a TPS bundle?

Because by adding in the Brass Series Finisher Medal into your collection, you have the flexibility to form something like these:

Looks much cool, isn’t it? But your collection does not stop here…

if you sign up TWO TPS 2017 bundle (both TPS – Singapre and TPS – Malaysia), then you get the coolest formation:

Note: All TPS 2017 medals (front side) will show the race distance, venue and date so you can know WHERE and WHEN you have been there and done that!

So make your 2017 a special running year and make the most of your participation.

Don’t forget to invite your friends and family together, let’s spread the goodness of running! See you soon 🙂