Lucozade Sport – Your Sport Your Rules.

This year, Lucozade Sport is proud to introduce a brand new, impelling campaign titled “Your Sport Your Rules” – alongside its brand new Lucozade Sport cans, presented in a new format and flavour.

The No. 1 Sports Drink In The UK

Something New Has Arrived in Town!

With a strong brand heritage in U.K., Lucozade Sport has been the trusted isotonic drink for many sports lover, professionals, elites, amateurs, associations and casual runners alike. An addition to the existing non-carbonated range, Lucozade Sport now offers a refreshing slim 325ml packaging in a new carbonated and original flavour.

A perfect source of hydration and easy to carry around – Lucozade Sport Can is the best enjoyment to keep you refreshed after sports!

A New Message

“Your Sport Your Rules” aims to drive the message of supporting and validating different type of sports regardless of the level of physical intensity. Too often, there is a mentality that sports are only intended for the young, fit and result-driven. Lucozade Sport is an advocate of being active at your own pace in any fitness journey, at any age, be it a casual workout or an intense training for a competition. Lucozade Sport intends to change this mind-set and encourages all sports and fitness enthusiasts to move at their own pace, while knowing that Lucozade Sport is the reliable companion that will have their back throughout their sporting journey.

Lucozade Got Your Back – The Performance Series 2017

For a second year in a row, Lucozade Sport is proud to be the official hydration partner for The Performance Series 2017! The Performance Series embraces the concept that is in line with “Your Sport Your Rules” campaign! Encouraging individuals to work towards a consistent and healthy lifestyle, while enjoying the iconic landscapes of Singapore through the series of races. The Performance Series also aims to inspire people of all backgrounds, all walks of life to constantly #TranscendThemselves.

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