Transcend Story: Wen Hao

Weighing 110 kg before did not stop Wen Hao from staying active

Table tennis, diving, rock climbing, and the list goes on! Just 3 years ago, Wen Hao led an unhealthy lifestyle with little control over his diet. Late night suppers and junk food gained on him without his realization.

But a random moment in the changing rooms reversed all that. No pants could fit his overweight frame and that changed his life forever.

He took control and started his fitness journey with a slow jog that varied from 60 to 120 minutes daily. He picked healthier options in his diet too, choosing more vegetables and meat, over oily and salty dishes. It is not easy for anyone to change their habits, however, Wen Hao was determined to stick to his goal.

With the weight loss, his body grew more mobile and he gained confidence in partaking more outdoor activities. He now works out on Thursday to Sunday in the gym, from spinning classes to HIIT and weights training because it helps to build his physical foundation for his active lifestyle like running with the Superhero Runners, table tennis, rock climbing and more!

Read on to learn more about what Wen Hao.

Name three positive traits about yourself.

Determined, being flexible, and not losing faith in myself.

Name two benefits of running with the Superhero Runners

I get a sense of safety and happiness running in the group. I get a genuine sense that everyone in the group wants to help you improve your running performance.

If you had to choose which Superhero to represent…  

I prefer to be chosen than to choose. Haha!

If you had a chance to own a Superhuman power, what would it be, and why?

Probably teleportation. We spend too much time traveling everyday. And it’d help in global warming too, no?

In what way does a Superhero inspires you?

Honestly what I see in the movies doesn’t inspire me much. But being part of the Superhero Runners group does. You see how everyone bonds together even on your first day, and feel the team spirit to start and finish a run together. It feels different from working out by myself. It truly is encouraging.

How often do you participate in running events?

At least once every quarter of the year.

What has been your most memorable running experience so far? And why.

If have to pick one, it would be my first half marathon with the Superhero Runners. It is not my personal best half marathon, but it was my first time receiving so much attention by suiting up for a run!

What is your typical workout routine, and how do you stay motivated to stay active?

Thursday to Sunday I will spend time in gym for spinning, HIIT, weights training. I call these workout as foundation. What actually motivates me is that I can apply the “foundation” to improve my activities like running, table tennis, diving, rock climbing and others. The Superhero Runners group offers a multi-level workout, to help people like me to improve my running form and methodology after each session.

Lastly, share with us a quote or mantra that inspires you to fitness.

Don’t stop when you are tired, stop only when you are done!


Click on the video below to find out more about the Superhero Runners run!

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