Transcend Story: Nelson

by Caron Chan from the Superhero runners


Sometimes it takes a wrong turn in life to ignite your passion.

Mistakes are often misunderstood, and the attitude towards committing one is usually frowned upon. Nelson Wong, one of the founders of the Superhero Runners, found his love for running after completing an unplanned 21 km route.

A few years ago, Nelson was working overseas in the US and often frequented the gym as he was training towards an ideal lean frame which he had always wanted. As he observed little progress behind pumping iron alone, he decided to incorporate some running, an effective yet simple cardio exercise, to rid the excess body-fat.

On an evening close to his neighbourhood, Nelson laced up and intended for a light 7 km jog. Given his lack of experience back then, he was unfamiliar with the roads and the estimated time taken for him to complete his run, max. Turning on to a path mid-way he thought that would take him home, he ran further and further away. It (finally) took him about 12 km to learn that he has gone off on the wrong path.

Stuck in an unfamiliar territory with no cash on him, Nelson could only trust his legs to bring himself back safely. Slowly but surely, he covered a total new distance of 21 km that evening. The endorphins accumulated from that sparked an interest in long-distance running, which lead Nelson to sign up for his first 21 km in the Twin Cities, Minnesota that summer, and his first 42 km that autumn in the same year.

Read on to learn more about Nelson and his mission to inspire and help those who want to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Name three positive traits about yourself

Determined, persistence and coachable.

Name two benefits of running with the Superhero Runners.

Started with a group of closed friends who had a common goal: to help & motivate others to achieve their personal best timings. Superhero’s training includes different running programmes that help to boost the aerobic threshold and running form.

 Which Superhero do you choose to represent in the group? 

I really like Superman and he’s my childhood hero.

If you had a chance to own a Superhuman power, what would it be, and why?

Super Healing ability, so i can help to cure the world’s diseases.

 In what ways does the Superhero inspire you?

Be selfless and be always ready to help others in need. I can relate that to Superman and contribute back to the running community.

How often do you participate in running events?

1 to 2 events per quarter.

What has been your most memorable running event so far? And why.

Standard Chartered Marathon in 2014 as we ran together (and dressed) as a team of SuperHeroes in the Ekiden event. It was really fun to motivate fellow runners and being motivated by the crowd as well.

Why is running or staying active important to you?

To me, it’s the best cardio workout exercise beside my regular weight training and HIIT classes. I love exploring new places when running off the familiar path. By incorporating running as part of my training routine, I had gotten better in other sporting activities.

What is your typical workout routine, and how do you stay motivated to stay active?

I do HIIT, weights training, swimming and running. And I occasionally yoga. It’s usually easier to stay motivated when I’m surrounded with like-minded friends. The gym and the roads are my playground.

 Share with us a quote or mantra that inspires you to fitness.

It hurts now, but one day, it will be your warm-up.

Inspired by Nelson’s fitness journey? Do join the Superheroes Runners engagement run every Tuesday! Head over to their Facebook page @SuperheroRunnersSG for more details!