16-Week Training Plan for 10km

No. 1 Tip to Improve Your Run: Follow a Plan

As most trainers or seasoned runners will advise, success in any endeavour comes to those who plan. Pilots follow flight paths, builders have an architects plan, while businesses have marketing, financial, operational plans and more.

If you’re interested in improving your running, staying injury free and enjoying your training, having a training plan will set you on the right path, hold you accountable and take the mental effort out of deciding what to do.

16-Week 10km Training Plan

Here’s a quick overview of the training plan as recommended by Coached. Coached is the Official Training Partner for The Performance Series 2017.

Download PDF copy of training plan

You can download the pdf copy here. *Special promo code included therein*

While Coached is confident that this plan will get you ready, it is no way personalised to you, your background, current fitness or time available. It also does not incorporate other important areas of performance such as mindset, nutrition, recovery and race execution.

If you’d like a more personal and comprehensive programme, that is supported by coaches, specialists and teammates, please try the Coached heart rate training programme.

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