3 Things To Do On Your Runcation In Penang

The Performance Series 2017 is a series of running races throughout the year around Singapore and Malaysia’s iconic landmarks. And in Malaysia, TPS will have the first stop in the most touristic location – Penang on 9 July 2017!     Penang, also known as the pearl of the orient, is situated on the northwest side of the Peninsular Malaysia and … Read More

Transcend Story: Don Koh

You know there is no “quick and easy” way to live healthy and get fit. What you really need is, taking the first step. This transcend story is about the little changes Don Koh has made to his running that have made him living a healthy lifestyle over the years. He quits smoking, runs regularly and now he becomes a … Read More

Transcend Story: LeeYong Choon

Some people run to look better / feel better / live better, what’s your transcend story? LeeYong Choon from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia has been running to experience a different life! Not only that he shed pounds fast through running, and with his new physical image, his increased confidence just helps him to achieve more in life.  Want to lose weight … Read More

Register for TPS Malaysia 2017 Bundle Package Now!

    Can’t wait to #TranscendYourself in 2017? Great news! The Performance Series 2017 is coming to Malaysia! Read on for 4 of the many reasons before you miss out TPS 2017 bundle registration! Reason #1: TranscendYourself through the distances The Performance Series will be bringing participants to get active through running or walking 5km, 10km and 21km. We believe you can … Read More

Your Medals Collection Of The Performance Series 2017

If you are a fan of The Performance Series (TPS), then you must have known that the 2017 series bundle registration is NOW OPEN! And the next thing, you should have heard about our tagline – #TranscendYourself. “TranscendYourself” is an inter-connected and never-ending journey.  In order to constantly improve upon yourself, physically, mentally, socially and spiritually, whatever actions you take has to be … Read More

Interview with Zhiyong, the founder of The Performance Series

The Performance Series is a concept relatively new to Singapore and Malaysia runners. Basically, it is a series of run races that brings runners through unique iconic landscapes. With its slogan TranscendYourself, the series aims to encourage individuals to improve their lives through running and by running more. Read on for the interview with the man behind the race series, to find out … Read More

#TranscendYourself 2017 in Malaysia!

TranscendYourself: to oudo or exceed in excellence, elevation, extent, degree; surpass; excel.  The Performance Series (TPS) is now bringing #TranscendYourself spirit to Malaysia! We believe all runners have a #TranscendYourself story and we also believe people don’t become good runners overnight. It is always a process that requires motivation, determination and strong spirit. Only through the consistent training and commitment, can … Read More

Register for TPS Singapore 2017 Bundle Package Now!

    Can’t wait to #TranscendYourself another round in 2017? Great news! The Performance Series 2017 is coming with more surprises! Read on before you miss out TPS 2017 bundle registration! Surprise #1: TranscendYourself Further 21KM Last year, The Performance Series brought participants to get active through running or walking 2.5km, 5km and 10km. We believe you can challenge yourself … Read More

The Winners of TPS Creative Contest

Thank you for your participation and support! We received more than 90 creative entries across three different platforms: TPS website, TPS Facebook and Instagram. We truly appreciate your contribution and it is really difficult to choose the most creative photo because we like all of them! After a thorough discussion, here are the top 3 winners who can get a … Read More

Reliving the moments of The Performance Series Singapore 2016

With its slogan Transcend Yourself, TPS 2016, Singapore’s first running series, had brought participants through unique iconic landscapes including Oasis / Island, Lake, City, Reservoir and Farm. The series had attracted some 27,000 participants from more than 50 nationalities, aged 6 to 81. Individuals, families and communities had the opportunity to advance, excel and experience the joy of living better … Read More