Meet Gardenesia’s Eco Ambassadors – Titoy & Morchoo

About Titoy & Morchoo Titoy & Morchoo are the lovable friends of Gardenasia! As elements of nature themselves, they embrace the naturally inspired lifestyle with open arms, and hopes to encourage all to do the same. Credits: Gardenasia, Mediacorp, Channel 8 The Dream Job   About Titoy Titoy may be one of few words, but his cheeky, easygoing personality endears … Read More

Frequent Winners: Ayaka Suzuki and Máire Eilis Nic Amhlaoibh

Want to run faster? If your definition of #TranscendYourself is to achieve a new Personal Best on your next run, then you need to … Know your current sprint and easy pace (aka your baseline). Do your speed training on the track. Run more hills to build up your leg and lung strength. Stay well hydrated and well fueled on … Read More

TPS Senior Runner: Duncan Watt

There’s a #TranscendYourself story behind every runner. There is no such thing as someone who is too old to start running. Even if you’ve never had the interest to lace up a pair of running shoes, you can’t help but feel inspired by 74-year-old Duncan Watt who is also a Singapore TV and Radio personality since the 1990s. How did he … Read More

TPS Frequent Winners: Ahmad Lamchannak & Chung Yu Hin

Resilience, Focus, Strength, Preparation, Vision, Openness and Trust – These are the common traits we see from The Performance Series’ fast runners aka the winners on TPS “Hall Of Fame“. But we believe that our frequent winners have more than these! They have something else that keep them pushing forward to achieve more and more Personal Bests and of course, … Read More

TPS Traveling Runner: Carol Cunningham

Runners traveling to an event have to adjust to climate, altitude and time zone changes or deal with lack of sleep and limited access to certain foods. Yet, traveling to a new city can be fun and exciting. It can also trip up runners participating in a destination race. The Performance Series proudly attracted thousands of local runners to get … Read More

The Performance Series Frequent Winners: Ron Siow & Sherlynn Tan

In each category of The Performance Series, top 10 prizes were won by hard training, pure guts and runners that #TranscendYourself in terms of their speed and timing. Throughout the series, we receive tremendous supports from the running community and we are proud to see a few repeated names and familiar faces in our “Hall Of Fame” from Race 1 to … Read More

What’s His Age: TPS Runner Richard Lai

“Running Can Keep You Young” – How many of us truly believe this statement? “The bottom line is that running keeps you younger, at least in terms of energy efficiency,” said University of Colorado Associate Professor Rodger Kram. But on our TPS senior runner Richard Lai, we definitely see more than that! Running not only helps him to stay alert and active, … Read More

TPS Senior Runner: Jeanette Clarke

We all love running, but how long can this passion last?  A question that nobody can answer for you and me, but one of our TPS senior runners, Jeanette Clarke (age: 74) can proudly tell you that her love towards running has lasted VERY LONG, like 39 years and still continue counting! You have met a few of our TPS … Read More

Meet The Youngest Runners In The Performance Series!

The Performance Series has been targeting to bring individuals, families and communities together to excel and experience the joy of living better through running. That means, we welcome any runners – as long as you are at least 6 years old and above! Young runners are encouraged to participate in 5km and 2.5km with the parental supervision by a registered … Read More

Our Best Yet!

Singapore Running Community Till date, 23,000 runners challenged themselves every 2 months to race across Singapore. Novices signed up for the 2.5km providing an opportunity to lead a healthy and active lifestyle. 5km, commonly a distance for most fun runs in Singapore drew a significant crowd. Competitive and elite runners from Asia and beyond attempted to test their performance, pushing … Read More